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Coaching business leaders and their teams worldwide to have less stress & more success by mastering Mental Fitness

Kristina Liu International led by Kristina Liu, PCC, Psy.D, MBA, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business leaders, and their teams to maximize productivity, perform at their highest level, grow their business, while feeling more ease, flow, joy, and fulfillment.

Would you like to achieve more success in your work or business?

Would you like to feel more ease, flow, joy, and fulfillment in everything you do?

Do you need help gaining clarity or overcoming certain challenges?

Do you have a good team but know that individually and collectively you can do more?

If any of these sounds like you, then you have found yourself the right coach.

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What Clients Say

French Business Manager based in Singapore

Kristina is a great coach. I have made tremendous progress with her. I found establishing a connection with Kristina very natural and professional. The first session started with formulating what I wanted to achieve and estimate how long it could take, which I found very helpful. Every session begins with the conclusions of the last one, sets specific objectives in context of the overall ones, and ends with takeaways and exercises, or food for thoughts. I particularly appreciate the use of various techniques and suggestions on different ways to explore a direction, or another, reaching outside of what comes through habits, and deeply rooted views and perceptions.

I would recommend being coached by Kristina to anyone willing to make progress. She is a skilled, knowledgeable professional, and a powerful enabler. Enjoy the ride!

American Business Owner based in California

worked with Kristina for 6 months. Kristina helped me to prioritize my goals and set me on a path to fulfill them. I found her extremely easy to talk to and she helped me make sense of all the confusion that daily life throws at me. Through our conversations I was able to take a step back and evaluate my life and the direction it was going. Sometimes our conversations were tough and we talked about topics that I usually avoid but in the end she helped me to see things in a different light and helped me achieve a clearer vision for my future.

I would highly recommend working with Kristina if you are looking for someone to help you achieve your goals and set you on the path to success.

Indian Business Manager based in Mumbai

Being coached by Kristina helped me really enhance my levels of self-awareness. She created a safe environment and while holding that space encouraged me to probe deeper into what I really wanted from my life. Her ability to help me see different perspectives, to truly introspect and to hold myself accountable for the changes that I wanted in my own being was incredibly helpful.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kristina as a coach to anyone who is looking to fulfill his or her intrinsic potential!


Coaching is one of the most powerful and sustainable ways for people to grow and transform. Through the special relationship with a coach, you gain a deep understanding of yourself, connect with your powerful authentic self, identify what you really want, and ultimately go and get what you want without the limitations set by yourself or others. Through coaching, clients report feeling happier and more empowered, having more clarity and balance, and living more conscious, fulfilling, joyful lives.


Like an athletic coach, the role of a personal coach is to challenge you to be better each day, to champion you at times when you don’t even believe in yourself, and to hold you accountable to live up to your fullest potential.



The main coaching approach Kristina uses is the Co-Active model, where the coach and the clients are equals, and together they actively collaborate for the purpose of meeting the client’s needs.

  • Co-Active coaching focuses on the whole person – work, life, and even body, mind, heart, and spirit.

  • The most important cornerstone that Co-Active stands on is that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. This means that all people are capable: capable of finding answers, capable of choosing, capable of taking action, and especially capable of learning.

  • We will ask you powerful questionslisten attentively, and use our intuition to help you tap into your own wisdom. We will make sure you learn along the way and hold you accountable for your actions so you achieve that fulfilled, balanced and healthy life that you are looking for. 

Besides Co-Active model, we also integrate other theories and disciplines in our coaching practice. These include:

  • Positive Intelligence (PQ) theory by Shirzad Chamine that builds mental fitness so you can achieve your highest success & sustained happiness. Clients participate in an 8-week PQ program to build the foundation of mental muscles which makes the continuous coaching work even more effective and rewarding.

  • Strengths-based coaching: Clients take the Clifton StrengthsFinder to uncover their strengths. From there you work together to further develop these strengths to help you achieve your goals.

  • Theories and practices from contemporary coaches such as Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard.

  • Theories from great psychologists and psychotherapists such as Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Aaron Beck, Irwin Yalom, just to name a few.

  • Latest research and development in the field of psychology, personal development, and leadership.

  • Incorporate meditation, yoga, healthy eating and exercise.

  • Use healing plants and animal (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kambo) for those who are open to them to get even deeper healing and growth.

Want to go deeper and have an immersive & transformative experience?

Join a 7-day retreat with Kristina in her lodge & retreat center in the Amazon jungle of Peru or a beautiful location in the US.

- James Patterson

"We don't coach for a problem to be solved. We coach for a life to be lived."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

We conduct coaching sessions over Zoom and phone with clients worldwide. We can also meet you face-to-face if we happen to be in the same city.