What the Book is About

On a transformational one-year journey around the world, author Kristina Liu found more than just spectacular scenery and exquisite food: she found herself. Travel with Kristina as she traverses three continents and twelve cities—from her wine tasting in South Africa to romance and adventures in South America to her life-changing plant medicine retreat in the Amazon jungle. It’s a journey that opened her eyes to a world of possibilities and revealed profound personal truths. It will also inspire you to venture outside your comfort zone and claim what is fully possible for you..

What Others Say About the Book

Grab a hot beverage, settle back, and experience this big, beautiful world through Kristina Liu’s fabulous travels and adventurous and risky experiences! This book made me smile and crave traveling—and so much more. Each page intrigues the reader to go that much further into her adventures to see what happens next. This book is a must-read and will have you smiling as well.

~ Paul Nadeau, best-selling author of Take Control of Your Life and Dammit, Just Ask!, global keynote and motivational speaker

Kristina Liu’s phenomenal journey of self-discovery will leave you wanting to take one of your own. Her raw honesty and courage, as well as her incredible travel experiences, will have you laughing and crying and, most of all, craving the freedom and joy expressed in these pages.

~ Kristy Boyd Johnson, bestselling author, master book coach, and owner of Turtle Sea Books

A vicarious global adventure perfectly timed. A real treat to envision the world through another’s eyes and explore the depth of what it means to live a life of purpose and flow. This is an invitation to be inspired by Kristina Liu’s inner work as she explores all that life has to offer while working remotely in different countries and shares her journey of self-exploration.

~ Bill Carmody, Chief Coaching Officer at Positive Intelligence and bestselling author

Kristina Liu shares an intrepid journey of self-discovery that will inspire anyone who has ever dreamed of a life beyond their own. This is not merely a celebration of her self-discovery, it’s also a celebration of the beautiful world around us that often gets muted by life’s perceived challenges. Kristina’s narration of her year-long journey of the places she's seen, the people she’s met, and the cuisines she’s experienced are magical because she dares to examine them with an unfiltered lens that most of us haven’t used since we were children. This will surely be one of the most inspiring and honest books you’ll ever read about self-discovery and life improvement.

~ King Siu, author of A Quick and Dirty Guide to Solo Traveling and A Quick and Dirty Guide to Make Remote Working Not Suck, travel blogger, and influencer

The Inside Out Journey provides a raw and honest account of one woman's journey between two worlds. From the pressure pot of American business to the depths of Amazonia and the herbal magic preserved in its forests and tradition.

~ Dr. Kimberly Nearpass-Pollack, naturopathic doctor and practitioner of the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Eye-opening! A refreshingly candid story that embraces mistakes and sharply contrasts with the pervasive "Instagramming" of life. While the story is a universal coming-of-age story, Kristina's unique perspective as an Asian American adds depth to our culture by showing there are more paths beyond just doctor or lawyer. Against a luscious backdrop of food and travel, she invites us into her mind and how she wrestled with decisions that all of us face. Through her bravery, we can learn to embrace our own uncertainties and to face them as opportunities like she did.

~ Simon Leung, co-founder of Truum, wine lover, father of two

Jump on board and around the world on a traveling adventure with Kristina Liu that will take you out of your world and deeper into yourself. Not only will you discover the unfolding of a deeper connection with yourself, but you’ll also find a new part of yourself starting to emerge in this inspiring journey of self-discovery. This book reminded and invigorated me to get back on the trail to discover new places and new parts of me once again. If you like honest and courageous adventures into the unknown, with all the emotional ups and downs that come with saying yes to what’s next, then you will enjoy this amazing adventure Kristina has so wonderfully shared. Perhaps you’ll even find yourself traveling to the same places soon.

~ Robin Nickerson, international author of Mastering Chaos, coach, entrepreneur, investor

Coach Kristina Liu's long search for authentic self is well-documented in The Inside Out Journey. The book is proof that anyone feeling stuck in a rut can find purpose in life and find the happiness that they deserve.

~ Ken Liu, author of The Thing About Baseball